About Us

Our app

Gofriends makes both romantic and friendly relationships easy, allowing you to create virtual and real connections that are meaningful and authentic in the blink of an eye. You can not only find love or new friends, but also form deep bonds.

Identify nearby users looking to meet you. Explore vibrant places as well as the number of users online and ready to interact. Organize your outings and events, and invite your friends to join you.

Personalize your experience according to your preferences: whether for entertainment, exploring new friendships, or even finding true love through our compatibility test. You have the ability to seamlessly transition from friendly searching to romantic searching. Our accurate algorithms match you, while our validation system filters out undesirable profiles.

Join our local communities. Connect around iconic locations in your region. It's an opportunity to easily share and meet great people.

Gofriends offers you:
•    Flexible appointments. Guaranteed meetings. Control over your activities with an integrated calendar and agenda.

Why choose Gofriends App?

Gofriends breaks loneliness and makes building strong, lasting relationships easy. Our goal isn't to sell a dream, but to be a useful tool for all age groups. Depending on the life stage we're in and our personal situation, our needs and desires vary. Sometimes we simply want to meet new people, discover new places, find a partner for sports activities. And other times we feel the need to create new friendships and/or start a new love story.

Choose Gofriends for a quick solution to solid, lasting relationships, without wasting time. Our priority: compatibility on all levels. Whether you're looking for new friendships, sports partners, or love stories, we cater to your expectations. Our compatibility tests guide your choices, ensuring genuine connections. Our unique algorithms analyze activities and passions to suggest ideal matches. Meet with ease, security, and enjoyment.

We are unique

Encounters in love and friendship


A search in a few clicks includes compatibility through our advanced search and match algorithms,

Comfortable use

Easily and quickly find nearby people ready to interact with you in public places: (bars, restaurants, movie theaters, nightclubs, events, etc.)

Creative design

A sleek and user-friendly design: nothing too much, just essential functions

User experience improved

Relevant and viral content, shared within the user community

Sevaral options

Useful new features include frequent and relevant updates, to prevent users don't get bored or out of touch

Our secret sauce

Explore Gofriends with Complete Freedom

Gofriends offers its members the means to chat with people inside and outside our community, depending on your current state of mind

Three types of use are possible on Gofriends, depending on the settings you choose when you register or after you register:

  • Profile focused on friendly meetings;
  • Profile oriented towards affinity-based romantic encounters;
  • Hybrid instant messaging (incoming and outgoing), similar to WhatsApp, integrated.
Gofriends App unlimited:
  • Like / unLike / return
  • Create and participate in dating activities,
  • Create and join discussion groups,
  • Test the rate and result of compatibility,
  • Personal calendar of events/appointments,
  • Hide (Conceal): profile, age and location,
  • Simplified search filtering of profile display,
  • During your events/outings with our affiliates, enjoy 3 to 20% off your final bill. (available from next year 2024).
Paid subscription taxes included:
  • Weekly price : 3 CHF
  • Monthly price : 6 CHF
  • Annual price : 48 CHF
Other services:
  • Free 7 day trial
  • A smooth and fast experience
  • 24-hour customer service, 100% Swiss
  • Pay your subscription by Twint or card
  • Easy to find a local point of sale or reseller
  • Through our affiliate program, we pay our community of influencers.
Payment methods:
  • Gofriends offers different payment methods: by Apple Pay, Google Play, PayPal, credit card, Twint or bank transfer.
  • For those who wish to become a member without using the payment services offered, you can purchase coupons from our local reseller partners, such as certain partner kiosks. For more information, please visit our online directory.